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    Sadly I am fast running out of time, finances won't allow for the above suggestion. Heavy costs involved with relocating from Perth, not in a particularly high paying job (NHS) Most of the links you provided are for people in the UK right now, and have lead time of 6/8 weeks.

    Looks like student digs aka staff accommodation.

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    HI @BenJam thanks for the quick response.

    Great information, I'll follow it up. Experience of these things usually means they want to see you before you get something, and a little too risky to leave one country for another without a home.

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    Hi all,
    I am arriving in Bath at the beginning of March, from Australia, to take up a job at RUH.

    I am looking for somewhere to live, as the hospital accomodation is like student hall digs, and the only place that I thought I had, fell through as they wanted someone from end of Jan!

    So if anyone knows of rooms etc available, please leave a message.

    I'm clean, tidy and will make a great training partner too.