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  • How do I order club kit?

    We usually order kit in several large orders a year - typically aimed at the coming season; so summer clothing ordered in spring, and winter clothing ordered in the Autumn. In addition we hold a small amount of stock during the rest of the year. All of our kit is made by SMS Santini. Contact Simon our club kit secretary at [email protected] for details of current stock, order dates & pricing

    How do I join the forum?
    Sign follow the link alongside this page. Use the email address you registered with your membership and you'll be added within the week.

    How do I join the Bath CC Facebook group?
    Go to the Facebook page and apply to join the group.

    Do I need a licence to race?
    If you only intend to take part in time trials, you do not need a licence.
    If you want to take part in mass start races, you will need to join British Cycling.­hip. Bronze membership is currently £13.50 (age 18+) & includes a provisional licence which will allow you to enter most Cyclo Cross & MTB races. However, if you want to take part in road racing, you will need to add a full licence. If you’re new to racing, you only need a 4th Cat licence. The classification system is explained on the BC website­hip/article/race-licence

    Where can I find a list of races & entry requirements?
    The Time Trial calendar is published in late January each year & can be ordered through the CTT website.­ault.aspx
    You can also search for events on their website & filter by distance, region, date etc. Our region (West DC) code is U.­tabid/134/Default.aspxOnly some events accept on line entry.

    Does membership give me a discount at any bike shops?
    Yes on production of your membership card, you will be given 10% discount from

    1. Cadence (where or Saturday Chain gang & mountain bikes meet) Will & his team offer a great service & advice.
    2. Johns Bikes in Walcot Street (Open on Sundays)
    3. Avon Valley Cyclery (great for folding & utility bikes)

    British Cycling Membership
    If you are thinking about joining British Cycling & you haven’t been a member in the last 2 years, you can obtain a discount by using our club discount code NEWCMRA (NWECMRD for Ride membership) which gives free Bronze membership or £15 off any other membership. You need Silver or Gold membership if you want the 3rd party insurance & legal support. If you are a Cyclist Touring Club member you will already have the insurance cover through them.

    What should you take with you on a club ride?

    • Tools to fix a puncture - a spare tube or 2, tyre levers, and a pump or air canister.
    • A bottle of drink, particularly in the summer. A sports drink would be a good idea.
    • Emergency food, e.g. a banana, energy bar or some other energy giving food.
    • Money to spend at the ‘coffee’ stop.
    • A mobile phone. If you are carrying a mobile, make a note of the ride leader’s number – just in case. Paul White (Club captain) number is 0797 1785002
    • Some ID ideally with your name, address & contact details of next of kin. Some people store this in their mobile under ICE (in case of emergency). Your membership card also has this information
    • Padlock (for locking bikes outside the café)

    Shouts you might hear in the group.
    If you have never been on a cycling club run before you may find that some of the loud exclamations you will hear rather confusing. Here are a few examples.

    ‘CAR UP!’ or ‘CAR DOWN’ means someone has noticed a car behind and is waiting, or about to overtake (car up) a car coming towards us (car down). Depending on how much room there is for the car to get past, it’s often sensible to go from two abreast to single file. You might then hear ‘SINGLE OUT!’ We normally remain single file when there’s a lot of traffic.

    ‘ON THE RIGHT/LEFT!’ may be accompanied with a hand gesture to indicate a hazard on the road, e.g. a pothole, glass, or when passing a pedestrian, runner, or another obstacle. Sometimes, only the riders ahead will give the hand gesture.

    One last thing, if you are on the receiving end of a motorist’s aggression, tempting as it may be, try not to retaliate either verbally or with a provocative gesture. The chances are the cyclists come off worst.

    Sunday rides
    Each Sunday we normally have three groups to cater for different levels of fitness (see below), all leaving from Cleveland Bridge at 8.30 (9am Dec-Jan).
    The ride destinations can be found on our website
    You are free to choose which group you ride with, but if you haven’t been cycling for long or you think that a ride of 50 miles could be a bit much, we recommend riding with group 3 initially. You’ll soon judge whether the pace is too fast or slow & can switch to another group next time or even at the coffee stop. Some established members switch between groups depending on how fit they feel on the day!
    For each group there will always be a run / ride leader, who has planned the route & knows which café has been booked for coffee.

    Group Speed Notes
    1 16mph Competent, fit riders who may compete in road races, time trials, sportifs or Audax events
    2 15mph Competent, fit riders who prefer a less challenging pace
    3 14mph Reasonably fit riders of mixed ability

    The ride leaders will note how many riders they have in their group & check periodically to make sure everyone is accounted for, so please let the leader know if you decide to turn off & go home or if you switch group during the ride.

    Please don’t ride off the front of the group as there is a risk that you might pass a junction where the ride leader planned to turn off. Hills are the exception to this rule as we all have our own approach climbing. If the group fragments on a hill we will always regroup at the top.

    If you stop for any reason, please tell the ride leader. If you can’t get to the ride leader, ask one of the other riders to pass the message on.

    If you puncture or have any other problem, someone or the whole group will stay with you to help. Just make sure you let the group know that you have a problem.

    The Sunday rides are not competitive. We endeavour to ride at a comfortable pace for everyone in the group. If you want something more challenging, move up a group or join us on the Saturday Chain Gang. During the Summer, there are also lots of opportunities to take part on Time Trials or Road Races.

    Saturday Chaingang Training Ride
    A more formal training ride at a faster pace. Two groups leave Cadence Bike Shop, Chelsea Road, Bath.

    1. First group leaving at 9:15am, with an average speed ~16-18mph.

    2. Second group leaving at 9:30am, with an average speed ~19-21mph.

    The route is a ~42mile circuit with no stops. A map can be found here, we advise riders to study this route in advance, as the groups will not wait if you get dropped.
    The groups use a more formal riding style than the other club runs, a style known as a "chain gang". In the chain gang the riders form two lines, a faster line (typically on the outside) and a slower line. Riders in the faster line, on reaching the front of the slower line, pull across to the head of the slower line, and ease up to the pace of the slower line. Riders in the slow line, on reaching the back of the fast line, pull out to join the fast line. This slowly rotates the riders which lead the group, and spreads the effort between the group. Riders which are having difficulty maintaining the speed of the group have the option of staying at the back of the slow line, which means they spend no time leading the group, and so save the extra effort required to lead. After the ride, get together at The Chelsea Café, opposite Cadence.

    Mountain Bike rides
    A sociable 2 ½ hour MTB ride leaves at 9am on the 1st Saturday of each month from Cadence bike shop (Chelsea Road, BA1 3PP), see map here., returning to share a coffee & cake with the Chain gang riders in Chelsea Road cafe opposite.
    We also have weekly evening rides all year round, meeting at 6.30 from Claverton Street (by the footbridge over the river behind Bath Spa Railway station). 30-40k in 2 ½-3 hours finishing at a pub for refreshments. All you need to be self sufficient is a bike, lights, a tube, pump, bottle, snack and a fiver for the pub. For either ride, please contact our off road secretary [email protected] in advance so that we can ensure we have enough ride leaders. Younger riders welcome if accompanied by an older experienced rider

    Odd Down Circuit
    Access is by Chelwood Drive off Bloomfield Road, Bath.

    This is a new 1.5km cycle circuit where training & racing are organised by local cycling clubs. Bath CC offer youth coaching in conjunction with other BaNES Cycling Clubs under the Sulis Scorpians Youth Cycling Alliance 5-6pm every Thursday & 9-12 every Saturday morning. Sessions must be booked & paid in advance through £2.50 per session.

    In the summer there are also races each Tuesday evening with events being organised on alternate weeks by Bath CC, VC Walcot & Somer Valley CC; Entries can made via the British Cycling race calendar. There is also open training on Thursday evenings from 6-dusk. Less experienced riders from 6pm graduating to more experienced ‘roadies’ from 7pm. These sessions are all finished for the season but we will let everyone know when we start again in spring.

    The Odd Down calendar can be viewed at

    Contact Andy Stewart our Youth development officer at [email protected] or Darren Edwards our Road race secretary at [email protected] or for further information.

    Who should I contact?
    The easiest source of information is the club website & forum but some specific contacts include

    Finally, If there’s anything you want to know, just ask. If you can think of anything which you would have found useful to be included in a new member’s information pack, please let me know. You’re probably not the only person wondering the same thing.

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Frequently Asked...

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